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Endodontic Treatment

How Does Root Canal Treatment Work?

Under the enamel and hard dentin layer, thers is the pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves, and tissues which support the root during teeth growth. In a fully formed tooth, the tooth can survive if it loses pulp because the surrounding gum tissue will feed it.

However, if the pulp becomes infected, you can experience extreme pain, bone or tooth loss. You may develop an abscess around the roots of your teeth, which if left untreated, can infect the bone. How does the pulp become infected?

  • Untreated cavity or decay of the tooth
  • Trauma to the tooth
  • Tooth fracture
  • Fractured or faulty crown that’s left untreated
  • Repeated dental procedures that cause weak spots in the tooth
  • The bacteria that causes infection inside the pulp or around the roots only needs a small point of entry, and if you have untreated trauma or damage to a tooth, it can lead to infection.
    • We can help remove any pain you are experiencing with this treatment.

Benefits Of This Procedure

  • Restores your ability to chew
  • Restores normal biting sensation and force
  • Gives your mouth a natural appearance
  • Prevents strain or wear on other teeth
  • Prevents a gap in your teeth, which would need further treatment to repair with a dental bridge

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