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Health Tourism in Turkey

by Admin / 11 November 2020 / Category Health

The reasons why to choose Turkey. Turkey has experienced strong economic growth following numerous investments in the health sector. But why go to Turkey to benefit from such medical care?

Turkish medical tourism is appreciated above all for these main reasons:

  1. Better quality of service with efficient equipment.
  2. Affordable prices accessible to all.
  3. Ease of communication and support.

The quality of care provided in the country is no longer a fact to be demonstrated given that many British, French, German and other Europeans are currently testifying to it. Each year, thousands of patients from all over the world arrive on the scene for medical tourism. What a beautiful memory to leave this country with a radical change of body.

In addition, most Turkish hospitals have JCI accreditation, an American accreditation only issued to centers meeting specific standards. Turkish medical tourism will give us the benefit of:

  1. Excellent identification of problems or disorders to be corrected.
  2. A guarantee of better care.
  3. More satisfactory results after a more precise operation with more efficient materials.
  4. Reduced risk of failure or development of other postoperative disorders.

Regarding dental care, prices vary around € 800 for a crown implant against € 700 in Tunisia and 400 € in Turkey. However, currently, medical techniques for treating teeth in Turkey have greatly evolved in recent years, hence the interest in choosing it. In European countries they take around € 1,700.

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